Welcome to the Antelope Valley Music Academy

3 Easy Steps to Get Started


Fill out an application online or in our office. (The application requires a non-refundable $25 registration fee)

Apply Now!


Within two business days of receiving your application, an assigned instructor will contact you to set up lessons that work for your schedule.


Your lessons will be held in the Revels Building on the Lancaster Baptist Church campus. Simply come into the lobby, and you will be greeted by an instructor who will guide you to the room where your lesson will take place.


Antelope Valley Music Academy exists to teach students of all ages, further the knowledge of music, and develop each person’s musical talents.

We believe that each student in our academy has musical potential. Each instructor is handpicked and proficient in their instrument of instruction. We desire nothing but the best for our students, and our experienced instructors are here to help you discover and develop your musical abilities.



Customer Service

We truly value each of our enrolled students as if they were our own family, guaranteed. Our instructors are responsive to the needs of each student and tailor their instruction to help individual students excel.


AVMA charges only $22 per 30-minute lesson, which is more than 50 percent less than the average lesson fee in America.

Future Investment

Exposure to music influences the development of a young person's auditory processing. Through its effects on emotion and mood, music can also be used to enhance performance in other cognitive tasks. Music will be nothing but beneficial to you and your child's development in the future.

Who is AVMA for?

There is no limit when it comes to private lessons. We provide high-quality lessons to all age groups.
For your child that is eight years old or younger, we encourage you to try one complimentary lesson to see if your child wants to continue.


Students will meet with one of our qualified instructors once a week. During the lesson, teachers will go over technique, sight-reading, and music theory. Private lessons are currently offered for a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, violin, and more.


Meet Our Staff

Director's Assistant & Piano Instructor
Piano Instructor
Cello Instructor
Ukulele & Ocarina Instructor
Piano Instructor
Piano Instructor
Voice Instructor
Violin Instructor
Piano Instructor
Clarinet & Piano Instructor
Guitar Instructor
Violin Instructor
Piano Instructor
Brass Instructor



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