3 Easy Steps to Apply to AVMA:

Application & Registration Fee

1. Fill out our application via online
here or in our office (Modular C).

2. Make a non-refundable $25 registration fee via online or in our office.

Schedule Lessons

1. As soon as application and payment is made, assigned instructor will contact you within 1-2 days.

2. Match your schedule.

Come to our Campus!

When you have arrived at the Revels Building Lobby located on campus of Lancaster Baptist Church, you will be greeted by the Instructor and he/she will guide you to the room where the lesson will take place!

What is AVMA?

Antelope Valley Music Academy exists to teach students of all ages, to further the knowledge of music, and to develop each person's musical talents. We believe that each student in our academy has potential for music; in fact, everyone does! Each instructor from our academy is handpicked and is proficient in their area of music. We desire nothing but the best for our students. Our experienced instructors are here to help you discover and develop your musical abilities.


Customer Service: We truly value each one of our enrolled students as if they were our own family, guaranteed.

Price: AVMA charges only $18 per 30 minutes, which is more than 50% less than the average lesson fee in America. From qualified instructors that you could trust, you will be ensured to be satisfied with your private music lessons.

Future Investment: Parents want the best for their children. Exposure to music influences the development of their auditory processing. Through its effects on emotion and mood, music can also be used to enhance performances in different cognitive tasks. Music will be nothing but beneficial to you and your child's development in the future.


Our academy is located in the campus of Lancaster Baptist Church located at 40th E & Lancaster Blvd.
All private instructions will be given in the Revels Building located on campus of Lancaster Baptist Church.

Who is avma for?

There is no limit when it comes to private lessons. We provide high-quality lessons to all age groups.
*If you have a child that is eight years old or younger, we encourage you to try one complimentary lesson to see if your child wants to continue.


Students will meet with one of our qualified instructors once a week. During the lesson, teachers will go over technique, sight-reading, and music theory. Private lessons are currently offered for the following instruments at $18 per 30 minute lessons:











Joshua Seo

Mr. Josh Seo is the director of the AVMA. In 2004, Josh started taking piano lessons in Korea. After moving to the states in 2007, Josh continued taking piano lessons from Daniel Hopkins. He has won classical piano awards at Fine Arts competitions and has received an honorary performance. Throughout his college years he has performed in concert orchestras and accompanied many singing groups. Currently, Josh teaches music classes at Lancaster Baptist School and has a passion in impacting young people's future through music.

Jherielle Mendoza

Miss Jherielle Mendoza is the director's assistant and a piano instructor at the AVMA. In 2003, she began taking private lessons under the JVI Music Academy. As a sacredly trained pianist, Jherielle has played in numerous recitals, musicals, orchestras and choral groups. From 2013-2017, she helped establish four church's music ministry program in Southern California. In 2018, she was able to teach music theory in a secondary level and tour with a college singing group. Jherielle's desire is to help students reach their highest musical potential.

Erika Fernandez

Miss Erika Fernandez is a voice instructor at the AVMA. At the age of five, she has been taking private voice lessons studying sacred, classical, and international repertoire. As an accomplished soloist, Erika has won seven first place vocal solo awards over the course of nine years. She has also studied violin in a group setting since the seventh grade and has competed with the string ensembles under Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy and Lighthouse Christian Academy. Erika has a passion for youth music education and wants to teach at an elementary school upon her graduation.

Colton Gideons

Mr. Colton Gideons is a guitar instructor at the AVMA. Colton is a holistically developed musician with experience in voice, piano and guitar. In 2007, he began taking guitar lessons. Colton has been involved with choral music both at a high school and college level. Colton has competed with distinction in the area of acoustic guitar at the annual Sunshine State Association Fine Arts competition for three years. In 2017, Colton toured the Midwest with a college singing group which performed in Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago in addition to venues in Canada. Currently, Colton is involved in the weekly music ministry of New Life Baptist Chapel in Mojave and enjoys accompanying singing groups and playing by ear.

Grace Jackson

Miss Grace Jackson is a violin instructor at the AVMA. At the age of four, Grace began taking violin lessons using the Suzuki method. At the age of seven, she began taking lessons from Ms. Gabriela Bohnett, a graduate from Juilliard School of Music. She has been a part of many orchestras including the International Youth Orchestra, Temple Baptist Church Orchestra, and the One World Symphonic Festival. Grace was privileged to be a mentor and a concertmistress for the Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestras. She has also had the opportunity to participate in Masters classes with Simon Gollo, a member of the Dali Quartet. Grace has a passion for teaching others to have an appreciation and love for music.

Joshua McCary

Mr. Joshua McCary teaches the trumpet at the AVMA. He has been playing for twelve years studying under his father, Jonathan McCary, a retired member of the "President's Own" Marine Corps Band. Joshua has experience with marching and concert band settings, having performed with both of his high school's concert and marching band for events and competitions. As a performer, he has participated in the annual Fine Arts competition for six years and has visited the Philippines to perform with a national orchestra. Joshua enjoys playing with the Lancaster Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist School's seasonal concert orchestra. Currently, Josh is pursuing a master's degree in education from West Coast Baptist College.

Leann Pennell

Miss Leann Pennell is a piano instructor at the AVMA. At the age of six, she began learning the piano with her mother, then further her studies under Mrs. Cheryl Graham. She has been studying piano performance through the Royal Conservatory of Canada up to the ninth level grade. Over the course of her musical career, Leann has been involved in many student convention competitions and the Kiwanis festival. She also has extensive experience as a collaborative pianist for worship services and sacred choirs. Currently, Leann enjoys teaching and working with the music department of Lancaster Baptist School.

Ajana Reyes

Miss Ajana Reyes is a piano and violin instructor for the AVMA. She began piano lessons at the age of four and violin lessons at the age of nine. As a musician, she has competed in piano solo competitions, accompanied vocalists and instrumentalists and performed as a violinist in the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra. Currently, she is continuing her private lessons as a music major at West Coast Baptist College, with a proficiency in piano. She enjoys arranging and writing music along with singing with her family and friends.

Jenna Szubinski

Miss Jenna is a music major at West Coast Baptist College with a focus in flute. She has been playing the flute for ten years and teaching the flute for four years. Throughout her musical career, Jenna has participated in church orchestras, Christmas concert orchestras, weddings, concerto competitions and classical performances. She has played in the Erie Junior Philharmonic for five years and graduated as principal flutist of two years. Jenna has arranged woodwind pieces and church offertories that have won first place in several contests she has participated in.

Jenni Trogen

Miss Jennifer Trogen is a clarinet instructor for the AVMA. In 2003, she began piano lessons at the age of five and is currently taking private lessons at a college level. In 2007, Jennifer began her study of clarinet with private lessons. Throughout her musical career, she has experience playing with her high school concert band, the Lancaster Baptist School marching band, and the West Coast Concert Orchestra. She also has extensive experience as a collaborative pianist traveling with a ministry singing group as well as choirs, vocal ensembles, and soloists. Currently, Jennifer is studying education and music at West Coast Baptist College.

Coleton Visser

Mr. Coleton Visser is a ukulele instructor at AVMA. Coleton is a self-taught musician. He is familiar playing guitar, baritone, flute, and piano. His proficiency is in ukulele and ocarina. In 2011, he began learning ocarina, picked up the ukulele six months later, and played the flute in his middle school orchestra. In 2012, he played various stringed instruments including guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele at his school's instrumental group. In 2013, he taught ukulele to his eighth grade music class. Throughout high school, Coleton has had a variety of musical experience. He has received gold and silver medals for ocarina solos and instrumental groups in a province-wide Fine Arts competition. Coleton enjoys making arrangements of hymns for the ukulele and playing his ocarina for church services.

Stephen Voshall

Mr. Stephen Voshall is a violin and viola instructor at AVMA. In 2006, he began taking private violin lessons and is currently studying under Mrs. Patricia Graham. In 2009, he began performing in orchestral groups and string ensembles. Stephen has played with the Klamath Symphony Orchestra, the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra, and the West Coast Classical Orchestra. Throughout his high school years, Stephen sat principal first violin in the Lancaster Baptist School Varsity String Ensemble, a group recently awarded a gold ranking at the World Strides Heritage Festival. He was also privileged to earn command performances at the Fine Arts competition his junior year of high school as well as the Southern California Schools Band and Orchestra Association competition during his senior year. He is currently studying at West Coast Baptist College in the field of secondary education.

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