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The Antelope Valley Music Academy provides high quality private instruction for piano, brass, woodwinds, and strings. Classes are also available for hand bell choirs, concert choirs, flute choirs, drumline, and music theory. We believe that musical training is a tremendous skill that is both rewarding and promotes discipline in a young person's life. Our experienced instructors will help your child discover and develop their musical abilities. You can register here, Guest Services, or the Lancaster Baptist School office. Applications may also be sent to

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Students will meet with one of our qualified instructors once a week. During the lesson, teachers will go over technique, sight reading, and theory. Private lessons are currently offered for the following instruments at $18 per 30 minute lesson:









choirs and group classes

Students have the opportunity to be involved in hand bell choirs, concert choirs, flute choirs, and theory classes. These classes will be subject to a minimum number of registration requirements in order to be offered in a semester.

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Daniel Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins is the music director of both the Antelope Valley Music Academy and Lancaster Baptist School. He conducts the choral and ensemble programs as well as teaches private piano lessons and sight singing at West Coast Baptist College, where he currently oversees the piano performance program. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College in 2004 with a four-year diploma in theology and is finalizing a Masters in Music Education. He is the main pianist for the worship services at Lancaster Baptist Church helping lead in worship for thousands of people every weekend.

Andrea Zarate

Andrea Zarate is a flute and piano teacher for AVMA. In 1997, she began her musical education through private piano lessons, and in 2003, she started private flute lessons. She was a member of the Bellevue Christian Symphonic Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble throughout high school. In 2010, she studied music education with a proficiency in flute at Pensacola Christian College. In 2012, she transferred to the music department at West Coast Baptist College. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in music and is currently pursuing a master's degree in music education with a proficiency in flute. She also teaches music for Lancaster Baptist School, working with the elementary and high school students. She plays the flute for the Lancaster Baptist Church orchestra. She has been teaching private lessons in piano and flute since 2006.

Joshua Seo

Joshua Seo is the office manager and a piano instructor of AVMA. Josh started taking piano lessons in 2004 from Korea and In 2007 after moving to the States, continued taking piano lessons from Daniel Hopkins. He has won classical piano competitions for fine arts competitions and had received an honorary performance. He has been learning under the leadership of Daniel Hopkins throughout his college years and has been involved in concert orchestras and has accompanied many groups on the piano. Josh teaches group music classes at Lancaster Baptist School, and has a passion in impacting young people's future in music.

Stephen Voshall

Stephen Voshall is a violin and viola instructor at AVMA. He began taking private violin lessons in 2006 and is currently studying under Mrs. Patricia Graham. He began performing in orchestral groups and string ensembles in 2009 and has played with the Klamath Symphony Orchestra, the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra, and the West Coast Classical Orchestra. Throughout his high school years, Stephen sat principal first violin in the Lancaster Baptist School Varsity String Ensemble, a group recently awarded a gold ranking at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival. He was also privileged to earn command performances at the Fine Arts Competition his junior year of high school and Southern California Schools Band and Orchestra Association competition during his senior year. He is currently studying at West Coast Baptist College in the field of secondary education.

Evelyn Anderson

Evelyn Anderson is a piano instructor for AVMA. She began taking piano lessons in 2004. Subsequently, she took lessons in violin, viola, and voice. She has competed and has been awarded medals and honorable mentions in various competitions including the National Association of Teachers of Singing regional competition in Texas. She has played for church and weddings, accompanied music groups, founded the music program at her small private school, directed the special music for church camp, and taught private piano lessons since 2009. She also directed a choir while teaching in a home for children in Montrouis, Haiti for a year after her high school graduation in 2013. She is currently pursuing a degree in music and missions at West Coast Baptist College.

Katelyn Baduria

Katelyn Baduria is a piano instructor at the AVMA. She began her musical career in 2001 with private piano lessons. Throughout high school she performed in festivals and competitions. She was placed in the Royal Conservatory of Canada's curriculum, and began taking exams in 2006. She has been the accompanist for many local and religious choirs since 2013. She has been teaching piano since 2011.

Shekinah Basilan

Shekinah Basilan teaches voice and piano. She has grown up with a musical background and has been singing since she was a little girl. During the summer, she travels on tour for West Coast Baptist College where she is studying to obtain her degree in music. She has accompanied choirs and worked with ensembles in churches in Taiwan where her family serves as missionaries. Shekinah loves getting together with friends to sing, learning new songs and techniques, and writing and composing during her spare time.

Melodi Boyle

Melodi Boyle is a violin and piano instructor at the AVMA. She began taking private violin lessons at the age of five under Mrs. April Ayers, an alumnus of the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana. At the age of ten she began piano lessons. Melodi has played in several orchestras, including the West Coast Baptist College Orchestra and the Lancaster Baptist Church Orchestra. She has been teaching private music lessons since 2010. Currently, she enjoys working on staff in the music department at Crown Point Baptist Church in Simi Valley in addition to her study of instrumental music at West Coast Baptist College. Her desire is to share her passion for music and help students develop musical excellence.

Erika Fernandez

Erika Fernandez is a voice instructor at the AVMA. She has been taking private voice lessons since the age of five studying sacred, classical, and international repertoire; she also has been studying sacred choral music for eight years. As an accomplished soloist, Erika has competed with distinction at the West Coast Fine Arts competition, earning seven 1st place prizes over the course of nine years. She has also studied violin in a group setting since the 7th grade and has competed with string ensembles from Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy and Lighthouse Christian Academy. Erika has a passion for youth music education and wants to teach in an elementary school upon her graduation.

Colton Gideons

Colton Gideons is a guitar instructor at the AVMA. Colton is a holistically developed musician, with experience in voice and piano in addition to his proficiency with guitar. In 2005, he began taking private piano lessons before beginning his study of guitar in 2007. He has also been involved with choral music at both the high school and college level. Colton has competed with distinction in the area of acoustic guitar at the annual Sunshine State Association Fine Arts Competition for three years. In 2017, Colton toured the Midwest with a college singing group which performed in Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago in addition to venues in Canada. Currently, Colton is involved in the weekly music ministry of the Lancaster Baptist Church orchestra, enjoys enjoys accompanying singing groups and playing by ear.

Joshua McCary

Joshua McCary teaches trumpet at the AVMA. He has been playing for twelve years, and began his study under his father, Jonathan McCary, a retired member of the "President's Own" Marine Corps Band. Joshua has experience with both marching and concert band settings, having performed with both of his high school's concert and marching bands for events and competitions. As a performer, he has participated in the annual Fine Arts competition hosted by West Coast Baptist College for six years and recently visited the Philippines to perform with a national orchestra. Currently, Joshua enjoys playing with the Lancaster Baptist Church orchestra on a weekly basis as well as the seasonal concert orchestra hosted by West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist School.

Leann Pennell

Leann Pennell is a piano instructor at the AVMA. At the age of six, she began learning the piano with her mother before studying under Mrs. Cheryl Graham and has studied piano performance through the Royal Conservatory of Canada up to the Grade 9 level. Over the course of her musical career, Leann has been involved in student convention competitions in piano as well as the Kiwana's festival. She also has extensive experience as a collaborative pianist for worship services and sacred choirs. Currently, Leann enjoys teaching and working with the music department of Lancaster Baptist School.

Ajana Reyes

Ajana Reyes is a piano and violin instructor for AVMA. She began piano lessons at the age of four and violin lessons at the age of nine. As a musician, she has competed in piano solo competitions, accompanied vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as performed as a violinist in the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra. Currently, she is continuing her private lessons and music education as a music major at West Coast Baptist College, with a proficiency in piano. She enjoys arranging and writing music, along with singing with her family and friends.

Jennifer Trogen

Jennifer Trogen is a clarinet instructor for the AVMA. In 2003, she began piano lessons at the age of 5, has continued taking private lessons up to the present, and is now studying piano at the college level. Jennifer began her study of clarinet with private lessons in 2007 and has experience playing with her high school concert band, the Lancaster Baptist School marching band, and the West Coast Concert Orchestra. She also has extensive experience as a collaborative pianist travelling with a ministry singing group as well as with choirs, vocal ensembles, and soloists. Currently, Jennifer is studying education and music at West Coast Baptist College.

Rebekah Voshall

Rebekah Voshall is a piano instructor for AVMA. She has been taking private piano lesson for the past ten years with both sacred and classical teachers. In high school, she won three Fine Arts classical piano competitions, including a command performance her senior year. Rebekah accompanied the Lancaster Baptist School varsity choir for four years and the varsity ensemble for three years. She has had experience playing offertories and preludes in high school chapels and church services. Most recently, she earned a superior rating in the National Federation of Music Festival and an Honorable Mention in the CAPT Romantic-Impressionistic Piano Competition. She currently studies music at West Coast Baptist College.

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