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The Antelope Valley Music Academy provides high quality private instruction for piano, brass, woodwinds, and strings. Classes are also available for hand bell choirs, concert choirs, flute choirs, drumline, and music theory. We believe that musical training is a tremendous skill that is both rewarding and promotes discipline in a young person's life. Our experienced instructors will help your child discover and develop their musical abilities. You can register here, Guest Services, or the Lancaster Baptist School office. Applications may also be sent to

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Students will meet with one of our qualified instructors once a week. During the lesson, teachers will go over technique, sight reading, and theory. Private lessons are currently offered for the following instruments at $18 per 30 minute lesson:










choirs and group classes

Students have the opportunity to be involved in hand bell choirs, concert choirs, flute choirs, and theory classes. These classes will be subject to a minimum number of registration requirements in order to be offered in a semester.

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our staff

Roberto Palencia

Roberto Palencia is the director of the Antelope Valley Music Academy. He oversees the instrumental programs of Lancaster Baptist School and conducts the spring and winter orchestra concerts for Lancaster Baptist School and West Coast Baptist College. He began private piano and string instruction at 10 years old and played the violin, viola, and cello in the Antelope Valley College and College of the Canyon orchestras throughout his high school education. He is obtaining his master's degree in music education and has been teaching strings at Lancaster Baptist School since 2006. Roberto is dedicated to providing quality music education in the Antelope Valley.

Daniel Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins is the music director of Lancaster Baptist School. He conducts the choral and ensemble programs as well as teaches private piano lessons and sight singing at West Coast Baptist College, where he currently oversees the piano performance program. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College in 2004 with a four-year diploma in theology and is finalizing a Masters in Music Education. He is the main pianist for the worship services at Lancaster Baptist Church helping lead in worship for thousands of people every weekend.

Erin Mackay

Erin Mackay is a piano and violin teacher for AVMA. In 2001, she began her musical education with piano instruction through the Royal Conservatory of Music. In 2005, she started violin lessons through the Suzuki method. After completing her studies in music history, theory, harmony, counterpoint, and analysis and performing a recital for two judges, she received her ARCT Performers Degree in Piano Performance. Throughout her musical ventures, she has performed as a piano recitalist, piano accompanist, a violin recitalist, and a violinist in the Lancaster Baptist School Concert Orchestra. She has been teaching piano since 2008 and violin since 2012. She currently studies music at West Coast Baptist College. In her free time, she loves composing her own music.

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Andrea Zarate

Andrea Zarate is a flute and piano teacher for AVMA. In 1997, she began her musical education through private piano lessons, and in 2003, she started private flute lessons. She was a member of the Bellevue Christian Symphonic Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble throughout high school. In 2010, she studied music education with a proficiency in flute at Pensacola Christian College. In 2012, she transferred to the music department at West Coast Baptist College. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in music and is currently pursuing a master's degree in music education with a proficiency in flute. She also teaches music for Lancaster Baptist School, working with the elementary and high school students. She plays the flute for the Lancaster Baptist Church orchestra. She has been teaching private lessons in piano and flute since 2006.

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Zach Phillips

Zach Phillips is a trumpet and classical/acoustic guitar teacher for AVMA. In 2000, he began his musical education in guitar under the tutelage of Dr. Rosa Olympia from the National Conservatory of Music in the Dominican Republic. In 2005, he began studying private trumpet with David Bates. He has studied solfeggio and theory in both Spanish and English, and has performed as a recitalist, an accompanist, a member of concert band, and in guitar ensembles. Zach has had the privilege of growing up as a missionary child, and is fluent in both Spanish and English. He especially enjoys accompanying with the guitar in church.

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Ella Murphey

Ella Murphey began private piano instruction in 2001 and began studying the cello through the Willamette Valley Baptist School's orchestra program in 2004. She greatly enjoyed being a part of the Salem Philharmonia Orchestra throughout her high school years. It was during that time that she accompanied a wide variety of professional musicians. Ella was highly involved in both her church and school music programs, performing in piano, cello, and voice for many fine arts events at several different Christian schools. On her free time, she enjoys composing music.

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Alyson Phillips

Alyson Phillips is the violin instructor for AVMA. In 2000, Alyson began taking private piano and violin lessons. She began her studies at the National Conservatory of Music in the Dominican Republic. It was there that she was able to get a good foundation in theory in both Spanish and English. Aly went through the Suzuki method in violin and the Royal Conservatory method in piano and later began teaching private violin and piano lessons. Aly has performed in recitals, accompanied vocal and instrumental groups, played in quartets with her siblings, and ministered as a church pianist. Aly enjoys playing by ear and arranging music.

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Ajana Reyes

Ajana Reyes is a piano and violin instructor for AVMA. She began piano lessons at the age of four and violin lessons at the age of nine. As a musician, she has competed in piano solo competitions, accompanied vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as performed as a violinist in the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra. Currently, she is continuing her private lessons and music education as a music major at West Coast Baptist College, with a proficiency in piano. She enjoys arranging and writing music, along with singing with her family and friends.

Jaclyn Graves

Jaclyn Graves is a clarinet teacher for AVMA from Minnesota. Her music education started at the age of seven with piano lessons. She later added clarinet, saxophone, and flute and participated in her school band and church orchestra. She played and accompanied choir specials for her church. She participated extensively in fine arts and music festivals and is continuing her education at West Coast Baptist College.

Shekinah Basilan

Shekinah Basilan teaches voice and piano. She has grown up with a musical background and has been singing since she was a little girl. During the summer, she travels on tour for West Coast Baptist College where she is studying to obtain her degree in music. She has accompanied choirs and worked with ensembles in churches in Taiwan where her family serves as missionaries. Shekinah loves getting together with friends to sing, learning new songs and techniques, and writing and composing during her spare time.

Michelle Semilla

Michelle Semilla is a piano and percussion instructor for AVMA. At the age of 4, she began to learn piano, and since then has had opportunities to play for orchestras, school bands, and church and college choirs. She is currently pursuing a degree in music at West Coast Baptist College. In her free time, she enjoys transcribing music scores, as well as arranging her own music.

Samuel Forster

Samuel Forster is the office manager for the AVMA while also teaching hand bells and hand chimes. He has been taking private piano lessons since 2002 and is currently studying music at West Coast Baptist College. Throughout his music career, he has performed in several recitals, and acted as a church accompanist. He enjoys also enjoys singing in choirs and ensembles and writing his own music.

Evelyn Anderson

Evelyn Anderson is a piano instructor for AVMA. She began taking piano lessons in 2004. Subsequently, she took lessons in violin, viola, and voice. She has competed and has been awarded medals and honorable mentions in various competitions including the National Association of Teachers of Singing regional competition in Texas. She has played for church and weddings, accompanied music groups, founded the music program at her small private school, directed the special music for church camp, and taught private piano lessons since 2009. She also directed a choir while teaching in a home for children in Montrouis, Haiti for a year after her high school graduation in 2013. She is currently pursuing a degree in music and missions at West Coast Baptist College.

Joshua Seo

Joshua Seo is a piano and violin instructor for AVMA. In 2005, Joshua began taking private piano lessons in South Korea. In 2007, he started taking private violin lessons from Jessica Palencia. He has won classical piano competitions for fine arts competitions and had received an honorary performance. Since moving to California in 2007, he has learned piano lessons from Daniel Hopkins and has been involved in concert orchestras and has accompanied many groups on the piano. Josh enjoys improvising hymns, playing classical music, and teaching piano and violin.

Madeline Galdamez

Madeline Galdamez is the secretary for AVMA. She began piano lessons at age 6 and began to learn how to play the viola through the Lancaster Baptist School's Strings Group Classes from 2008 until she graduated in 2013. She has played for the Lancaster Baptist Church orchestra and the Lancaster Baptist Concert Orchestra since then. She competed in the West Coast Baptist College Fine Arts Festival in vocal, solo piano, and strings group in high school. She is currently a Junior at WCBC pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.

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